2022.01.23 22:20 TRM_TheRainMan Presets

Does anyone know of a way for me to get peep presets for mixing vocals. If so could you comment of privet message me.
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2022.01.23 22:20 MungoBungo25 RONINININININ

Hey! Just picked up a new 3" EMP Ronin the other day. Was wondering if you folks had one/have found a comfortable holster for it. I purchased an additional 2 mags so I can potentially consider a sidecar holster, but would be content with just a standard AIWB rig. Thanks!
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2022.01.23 22:20 NotALiabilityYet How should I beat SMB3?

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2022.01.23 22:20 KillaKratzilla This boss was harder for me to find than to beat LMAO but I loved the design! Engaging the whole time, got her second try thanks for watching! -KillaKratzilla please consider subbing 👍 soulslikes until tons of Elden Ring content next month!!!

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2022.01.23 22:20 Candi_Mae_Says_Hey Finally got Instapup today

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2022.01.23 22:20 iPorkChop Evening Ceremony - Eng - 01/22/2022

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2022.01.23 22:20 KiwiRosePetal I believe I hurt my foot (maybe a stress fracture?)

So recently I started a new job at a gem mining place. Most of the work is heavy lifting and carrying heavy buckets to another building about 40 feet away several times a day. It’s currently snowing where I live so we are also dealing with snow covering the path.
I went from not being active at all for 4 months to suddenly being super active for a long period of time. Wearing snow boots and carrying these heavy buckets I know do not go together but it happened.
The other day I was carrying out on of our 7 gallon buckets which is full of rocks, gems, and silt. It weighs about 180 lbs. while carrying it out to the other building for the customer I did something to my foot and I don’t know what.
The pain originally started in my heel and ankle but that pain has completely subsided. And it’s now very painful on the outside of my left foot. I’m not sure what it could be but the pain is on bone.
There’s tenderness, light bruising, minimal swelling, it hurts to walk or put much pressure on the foot, and Tylenol and ibuprofen do not seem to be helping or ice or heat either. I have done the RICE solution but that’s not much help either. I even carefully wrapped it today at work and it didn’t help either. The pain seems to get worse as the time goes on. But currently it’s still somewhat bareable.. but very painful…
If someone could give me some advice I would appreciate it.
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2022.01.23 22:20 pussydestroyer69__ meirl

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2022.01.23 22:20 alsmrc W or L team ?

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2022.01.23 22:20 I_am_coId Is Kojic acid safe for body cream use?

I have read online that Kojic acid is a good ingredient for body creams. My old body cream has a ingredient that I found is banned in the EU. So I am not if Kojic acid is safe. I was looking at the Kojic White body cream but I want to make sure it is safe before I get it.
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2022.01.23 22:20 Desperate_Elevator_5 Do honey Jar love spells work better if I do it myself or buy one from someone more experienced ? I have no experience btw I’ve just been doing research and watching videos for a few weeks now.

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2022.01.23 22:20 Noodlezjpg Black & orange Urus i spotted in Dubai

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2022.01.23 22:20 CloverThirteenDolAvg Went from 29k to 4k my last play is Bigg wish me luck

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2022.01.23 22:20 Informal_Paramedic_5 Sony once wanted to buy the studio

After the first video was released in October 2020. Sony found them. Looking to buy this studio. Use this to promote PS5 in China. Chinese players mainly use mobile phones and computers. . But the studio refused.
Source: Information learned by a game fan and a game staff member in a private message chat. The fan only recently broke the news. But still only in a very small fan base. Including me. I'm currently checking with the game staff to see if this is true.
The game can be as described in the novel. It turns into a bug and flies into the monster's body. Then detonate the monster's body. But considering the level of bloodshed, this setting was removed.
There are giant enemies in the game. You can get bigger and fight them.
Not an indie game. The production cost of the game is comparable to that of a AAA game. Unreal 4 is currently known to cost about $3 million an hour to develop. The game studio revealed that Unreal 5 is much more expensive than Unreal 4.
The release date of the game has not been confirmed. When IGN interviewed the producer in 2020. The answer given by the producer is that the game production time will take at least three years. IGN was wrong to think the game was released 3 years later. But the producers believe that the game is expected to be released in 2023-2024
The game currently has more than 100 main production employees. There are also 400-500 outsourced staff. Game studios are still hiring.
The inspiration for the game is mainly God of War. But God of War's repetitive monsters make them visually exhausting. So it was decided to design more than 160 kinds of monsters in the game. Only about a quarter of it is currently displayed.
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2022.01.23 22:20 Equivalent_Tea6687 This has been going on for 3 days I restarted my Xbox multiple times and the internet

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2022.01.23 22:20 Sakastani1 India's Recently-Imported S-400 Air Defence System Is Overhyped and Overrated

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2022.01.23 22:20 Cautious_Bass535 I need help, looking for game that I once played.

Around 10 years ago, I was playing RTS at cousin house, but i forgot its name, it was fantasy RTS with human factions including real ancient kingdom, such as egiptians and acadian empire, also there was several demon factions, like (i think they were called domains) fire, ice, nightmare, beasts. If I remember correctly demon needed reasources were blood and stone.
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2022.01.23 22:20 erik1220 Went for a little sunset cruise tonight. (Bonus) Met a buddy on the beach!

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2022.01.23 22:20 gigaslyce forgot to do job quest line until level 50 am i in the wrong?

so my friend semi gave me a hassle that i forgot my job quests (cause im dumb and followed MSQ like all ppl said) i had on level gear for my class and tanked well enough with things i had. am i ruining the fun for the people i played with? (ps doing job quest now but yeah im dumb and mainly play brainless shooters so that0s why i missed this) just asking cause i don't wanna ruin fun. i come from warframe where there is not a lot of ppl counting on you in missions
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2022.01.23 22:20 Thick_Run4687 Just a shy girl(19f) looking for someone to talk to

Hii I am shy but sometimes can be quite funny person who is looking for someone to talk to. I love baking, I can some ualess facts, but if someone asks me for some fact, I have tendency of forgetting them. I also love talking about different cultures, music, mental health basically anything you wanna talk about 😊😊.
So if you are looking for a shy friend, pm me. 🤗🤗
(Sorry for my bad English)
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2022.01.23 22:20 HershyR SMBCLIENT installation

How to install? I can’t find a guid on how to install it anywhere. It’s installed on TrueNAS Core. pkg install smbclient does not work.
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2022.01.23 22:20 CarelessFooll love to lay in bed

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2022.01.23 22:20 jsbhemi Tops Lil Roughneck

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2022.01.23 22:20 d_ramius 30 Edison BLUE AMEROL Records for sale - Milwaukee Area - $150 OBO

Check out post:
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2022.01.23 22:20 MechCADdie Reddit, from your experience, how would you stereotype driving behaviors based on their make/model?

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