Guitar too easy, basically John mayer, anyone have any tips on how to not be a guitar god?

2022.01.23 22:22 Content-Income-6885 Guitar too easy, basically John mayer, anyone have any tips on how to not be a guitar god?

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2022.01.23 22:22 Sensitive-glasses WTT: EU Server | Eula + Jean Account | 71 Pity | NOT Guaranteed | Some C1-C2 4-stars | LF: Ganyu or Ayaka NA or Asia Account | MLF: Ganyu or Ayaka + Keqing NA or Asia Account

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2022.01.23 22:22 broizard Returning player help

Hi, so I'm a returning player from when the global version was launched and I just came to casually play. Not sure what's new or what I've missed, or what I should be looking out for in the future. I didn't for long but I would like to keep up to date with this game. And here are the dresses I've pulled from before. Any tips or suggestions are appreciated!
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2022.01.23 22:22 koolgirl420 would i still get paid for covid leave if i used some of my sick hours already?

what the title says lol someone i was in contact w just texted me to tell me he had covid. i already used 2 days of my 30 hours of sick days so that means i only have 14 hours left. im fully vaccinated as well if that helps
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2022.01.23 22:22 AsahiWeekly Conversation is the best tool for improving speaking. What's the next-best tool?

After passing N2 this morning, I'm going to refocus 90% of my study on speaking. I can't speak in Japanese whenever I want to, I can't afford to have Skype lessons every time I have time to study, I can't go out and practice speaking with friends very often these days.
I'll be speaking in Japanese as much as I can, but I have probably ten hours of study time each week where I'm unable to actually speak with other people. What can I study in that time to improve my speaking?
What is the second-best tool for speaking ability?
All I've got so far is shadowing - any other ideas/tools/apps?
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2022.01.23 22:22 svanapps r/dogecoin - I have a different flag for every day of the week.... Dogecoin to the moon.

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2022.01.23 22:22 CubKodiak Abu Garcia Revo Mgx $150 off at Cabela's

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2022.01.23 22:22 myboogerstastespicy TWoP Recap: ROL S2E9

Unedited; questionable language
Kristy Joe decided to go home and take care of some business, e.g. get back together with some loser she's dated or been married to before. Bret told us he wants a woman who can dive into his rock n' roll lifestyle. Each ho in the house tried her best to prove her mettle via pole skills, aggression, tongue kissing, and boobs in the face. Five bitches remain! It is morning. Daisy awakens and is especially happy since dawn brings with it an absence of Kristy Joe. All is peaceful and happy in Rock of Love land. Boy, are these dicksuckers in for a few surprises. Big John delivers Bret Mail, which Daisy reads. "As you know, I've been here before / But this time is special, and I want to be sure / There's still so much I need to know / Be honest with me, and we can only grow / Right now my heart is a little sore / Because after tonight there will only be four." After a night with Daisy I bet it's more than Bret's heart that's sore. I imagine her lady bits being entirely lined with barbed wire and, like, jagged Fritos. The girls are surprised to know that the elimination will be tonight. Big John calls the girls together to meet with Bret. Bret says he's getting closer to knowing the truth about each of the contestants, and to help him in his quest to know the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth, so help him God, he's brought in a few special guests. The door opens to reveal...a guy in a black driving hat, the likes of which my dad wears, and a cream-colored cable knit sweater. Are they going golfing? The 18th hole is, after all, known as the truth serum of laborious, dull sports. Turns out it's Destiney's ex-husband, Adam. Megan interviews, "Oh, God, our exes are here." Bret thinks that it's the perfect way to find out who these girls are outside this house of lies. He may be right, as the five remaining contestants look terrified. Destiney tells us that she and Adam were married for three years, and are still great friends, so she thinks Adam is going to say great things about her. Next we meet Jessica's ex, Casey. He wears a baseball cap and looks quite wee. Jessica wonders why, of all her ex possibilities, they had to bring in the guy who treated her like crap. I think it's more process of elimination, since only an asshole would come on this show, likely to mock the fact that you're vying for the affections of an old dude who wears a wig. Or to promote his bar and/or goth band. Next we meet Megan's ex, Josh. He wears sunglasses at his hairline and a shirt that says "SWIG Chicago." He looks like a real tool. Megan interviews that she and Josh dated for six months about a year ago. She wanted Josh to be her boyfriend, but he had another girlfriend that he didn't want to leave for her. That girlfriend is one lucky lady, eh? Ambre's special guest is next. She thinks it's going to be her ex-fiancé of seven years, but it turns out that he had too much sense to come. Instead, we meet Ambre's best friend Adam. Bret doesn't know if he should be scared or not that none of Ambre's exes could be convinced to come on the show. He's too busy being scared of Adam's Hawaiian shirt to know for sure. Ambre thinks she lucked out in this situation. Daisy is nervous. She only has one ex-boyfriend from the past five years, and she tells us that this is not good at all. In addition to being not good, it's really bad. And then, when Daisy's ex, Charles, walks in, it's worse than we even though. Okay, first. He is on some kind of wacky steroids. Second. His chin looks like a vagina, landing strip and all. Third, he is wearing a wifebeater, wristbands, and a top hat that says, "white trash." Add a cane and monocle, and it would be like rock n' roll Mr. Peanut. Daisy tells us that her relationship with Charles has been a roller coaster, with lots of breaking up and making up. She looks MISERABLE. I would, too, if my ex-boyfriend had such permanently hard nipples. Seriously, those two are like the nickel freakshow at the wax museum. They obviously belong together. I bet she has a matching top hat at home in her closet. AND THEN, it's the moment we've all been waiting for. In fairness to the girls, Bret has also brought a friend of his along. It's someone who he's spent a lot of time with and cares about a lot, and someone who has always had his back. And also, someone with the most awesome tatters in Tatterville. Yes, dicksucker whorebags, it's HEATHER! Daisy bursts into spontaneous halfhearted applause, while Destiney tells us that she loves Heather's wild child ways. We get to relive all the topless, pole-flipping, neck tattooing, dick-sucking-accusations-in-front-of-Otis-Conner glory of season one. Anyone else feeling nostalgic? Heather is going to hang with the girls all day and tells them that she hopes they brought their extra livers. Bret points out that Heather only likes to party naked, and he's actually never seen her with a top on. Heather laughs. Oh, they are so totally meant to be! Bret says that he and Heather have become unbelievably close friends and know a lot about each other, so if the girls ask Heather something about him, they'll find out the answer. And of course, Heather is going to find out a lot about the girls. She'll confab with Bret at the end of the night and help him decide who to boot. Daisy thinks that Heather will be gunning for anyone who seems like a good match for Bret. Well, Daisy, that's because she and Bret are meant to be and you and your duck lips and circus tits shall not get in the way of such a perfect union! God. Bret takes the exes off for a day on the town and unleashes Heather. As we head to commercials, Daisy tells us she's nervous, because there's something big about Charles that she hasn't told Bret yet. The suspense! After commercials, the unleashing commences. Heather heads straight for the bar and does a tequila shot, taking a lemon from Destiney's lips. She tells us that she's ready to get the dirt on these chicks. But first she has them get topless. Destiney sums it all up better than I could: "Heather's only been here for ten minutes and already she has us doing body shots and taking our tops off. She's wild, I love her." I love her too! Conversely, Ambre feels like they've been thrown to the wolf -- the head wolf. Seriously, though, all the other girls seem so meek and boring and stupid compared to the greatness that is Heather. I worship the bronzer that covers every inch of her skin. Destiney proposes that they all go change into sexy outfits. Heather loves it. Meanwhile, Bret takes the exes to a cigar club to try to pump them for info. He asks if they'd like a cigar. There are no takers. Charles peers out judgmentally from under his top hat. Bret starts to realize that he might be heading for disaster. He starts off easy and asks Ambre's friend Adam if Ambre is really there for him, or if she's just competitive. Adam says that Ambre is genuine and sincere, and you can tell if she's interested or not just by looking at her. Casey tells Bret that Jessica is one of the sweetest girls he'll ever meet. He adds that she's real and innocent, and that he just wasn't ready for a serious relationship. Bret is chagrined that he isn't getting any new info, and also wonders how Jessica can handle his rock n' roll lifestyle if a tool like Casey was able to break her heart. Bret tells us that this is so wrong, because guys don't sit around and talk about old feelings. He wonders what he has wrought. Only his own misery. Which, yay. Bret asks Josh about Megan. Josh says that Megan is funny and fun, and that she might want to date you: 1) if she sincerely likes you; 2) if she thinks she can get something from you. He also tells Bret that Megan has done some reality TV before, which Bret would have known already had he read the TWoP boards! Bret wonders about Megan's real purpose for being on the show. Back at the house there are more shots, and Heather tells the girls that if they want to date a rock star, they need to pop out of their shells. Jessica wants to make a good impression on Heather, especially given that Bret thinks she's too innocent to handle his lifestyle. She's determined to prove him wrong. As with every girl who's tried to prove something by drinking to excess, this is bound to get either very funny or very sad. Heather heads out to the pool with Megan and Jessica and quickly asks them who they hate. Turns out they both think that Destiney is a big rock star groupie. Heather wastes no time in pinning Megan down, saying that she looks familiar. Megan is forced to admit that she was on Beauty and the Geek. Heather is pleased that things are going exactly as she planned. Heather asks Destiney about her favorite bands. Poison, Motley Crue, AC/DC, and Great White all make the list. And I have to admit that I just went and downloaded "Once Bitten, Twice Shy," and it's more awesome than I even remembered. Destiney also admits that she was in love with the drummer for Brides of Destruction. Ah, my favorite hard rock supergroup that I've never heard of. With a big drink in her hand, Heather decides that it's time to play poolside truth or dare. And then, there are a lot of bleeps, but I think she asks Jessica if she's ever been gangbanged. She's such a card! And then I think Jessica says, "five people at a time." Destiney takes the dare and has to do a cartwheel naked on the lawn. She does a double, and tells us that she had to show Heather -- and via extension, Bret -- that she can definitely party. And, may I add, she has excellent cartwheel form. Meanwhile, things are still not all that exciting at the cigar shop. Destiney's ex-husband Adam tells Bret that Destiney loves to party and loves rock n' roll. Bret, having years of rock n' roll experience under his belt, tells Adam that his fear is that if he lets her go to a concert, the only thing she's looking for is a backstage pass. Okay, first of all, "lets"? Like, does she have to have him fill out a permission slip so she can go to the Britny Fox reunion tour? And since Bret's always going on about how he wants someone to touch his backstage pass, I think he's in no position to judge. He's still going back and forth as to whether Destiney is a super-cool rock chick, or uber-groupie. Bret then asks Charles about Daisy. Charles says that he's known Daisy for a long time, and that they were together for three years. They were in the same band together. And whoa! Charles wears more eyeliner than Bret! I didn't think it was possible. The Cover Girl of the Week is...Charles! Bret asks Charles if he and Daisy still have feelings for each other, and Charles says that he just wants to see Daisy happy. Not exactly answering the question there, great lash. Bret gets more direct and asks if they still have a physical relationship. Charles says no, but Bret thinks he was a little squirrelly about it. Bret asks the guys if they want to go out for dinner, thinking that he might need to liven up this non-party to get the information he seeks. Back at the house, Heather tells the others that she needs to know who there is the worst one for Bret. Megan wastes no time in saying that Jessica, great as she is, is too innocent and not prepared for Bret. Jessica is peeved that her best friend in the house is trying to throw her under the bus. She grabs a shot from a tray next to the pool, and soon enough she starts crying. Megan thinks her point has been proven. Heather takes Jessica off for a little talk, and Jessica offers to tell her the pros and cons of everybody. Let us quote Heather: "Holy hell. If I'm getting this much dirt immediately? What other dirt is there?" We shall soon find out, in a mascara river filled with fake eyelash fish! Moving on, Heather pumps Destiney for more information about her groupie ways. Heather interviews that it's been pretty easy getting everyone's dirt so far, so she's just going to sit back, make her rounds, and take notes. We cut to the kitchen, where Daisy starts bawling. Tearlessly. It's very odd. There's a lot of squinting and duck-lip pursing, though, and Ambre tries to fix a wayward false eyelash. Daisy wants none of it, though. She's too upset for vanity. She goes to find Heather and reveal her big, dark secret about Charles. By the time she and Heather are alone, there is one black tear on Daisy's fake cheekbone. Emotions! Heather tells her to spill because Charles is going to tell Bret anyway. Daisy confesses that she and Charles still live together. Holy hell! Heather can't believe it. Daisy says that they signed a lease together. Heather doesn't care about any damn lease and asks if they have a two-bedroom or one-bedroom. And it's a one bedroom! Destiney is of course skulking by the staircase and eavesdropping. She's pissed that Daisy has been lying to Bret all this time. Heather tells Daisy that the first thing she needs to do is move out of her fucking boyfriend's house. She doesn't need to be trying to date Bret when she's living with her fucking ex-boyfriend. Ooh, Heather will tell you like it is. She is not having it one bit. Daisy says that she and Charles haven't been physical with each other for two years. She interviews that she never talks about her private, personal battles, because she feels like those are her own personal things. Well, then don't go on TV, you stupid skank. I feel so infused with the spirit of Heather! I love it. I'm going to go to the grocery store and call someone a hobag right now! "I was about to grab that last bag of dark chocolate Milanos, you hobag. Take your sticky hands off of them!" Heather = empowerment! Daisy then bawls to Heather, "I needed out of my environment so bad, and I can't help the person that I was before I met Bret!" What is she even talking about? It's all super-sketch. Heather thinks that Daisy wants Bret to come in and whisk her away from all the badness in her life. Daisy bawls that she doesn't know, but all she does know is that she doesn't wanna fucking go home. If I had to wake up next to vagina face every morning, I wouldn't want to go home, either. Heather interviews that Daisy is a total blubbering train wreck. She is not moved. She gets up and tells Daisy that she's glad they had such a great talk, which she is ready to end unless there's anything else Daisy wants to tell her. There isn't, so Heather takes this moment to bust out with the best dismissal ever, "That's all I need to know. I gotta pee." HA. Heather also wants to talk to the rest of the girls, of course, so sequesters Megan in the bathroom to ask who she thinks should leave. Destiney interrupts, so Heather asks them both if they'd really rather have Jessica go home versus Daisy. They both say that Daisy is a better match. Heather is having none of it, again, and says emphatically that she can't believe someone would come there living with their motherfucking boyfriend. It pisses her off because she loves Bret. Megan is pleased to hear about this news because she delights in the misfortunes of others. Really, you can't fault her for that. Cut back to Bret and the exes. Their high-voltage day continues with a trip to -- wait for it -- Dave and Buster's. In a mall. Bret tells us that a venue with food, drinks, and arcade games is perfect for hanging with the guys. And now he and Charles will get to have a skee-ball competition. First person with 500 tickets wins Daisy. The runner up gets two rubber bouncy balls, which is a good Daisy facsimile. Bret sees some sort of mystery game and says to Charles, "I don't know what that game is, but I'm curious to play it." Charles laughs, because Bret has now become his doddering grandpa. Everyone sidles up to the bar, and Bret complains about the difficulty of going on a date with three women simultaneously when you only have one line. He sends everyone else off to win tiny stuffed animals with the arcade claw so he can get more dirt from Charles. Charles squints at him, and Bret finally just asks what's up. Charles remains tight-lipped. Bret thinks that Charles is a conundrum wrapped in an enigma wrapped in a mystery. He's like a circle in a circle, like a tool within a tool. The guys leave Dave and Buster's. Back at home, Jessica is still crying. Drunkenly. She's sick of hearing how sweet and innocent she is. To prove her bad-ass credentials, she tells Megan that when she first met her, she thought of her as someone she could pinky-swear with. Megan tells us that this isn't kindergarten anymore. There's no pinky swearing. As Jessica chugs another beverage, Megan tells her that drinking is not the answer. The sun goes down, and we learn that Megan's words are correct. Jessica can't even walk. Turns out, she doesn't really drink. Heather gives her a cheese sandwich to try to help, as she wonders how in the hell Jessica is going to handle the rock n' roll lifestyle without five ladies around to turn her over so she can puke in a wastebasket. The bikini-clad women put in a group effort to get pukey Jessica in bed. Bret, meanwhile, returns home with the exes and wonders where all the ladies are. They're all trying to get a garbage pail under Jessica's mouth in time. As he discovers them upstairs, Jessica attacks him with all the vomit-breathed love she can muster. Bret interviews, "Heather? What have ye done?" Bret hugs Jessica tells her he remembers his first beer and calls her pukey pukerton. Jessica's like, "Yeah! Bad ass!" Bret thinks they're moments away from projectile. Jessica cries to Bret that she doesn't want to be alone, then says that she hates him. Wow, does this bring back some memories. I can't help it; I feel for the girl. Bret says that he doesn't hate her, he loves her, and Jessica replies that she would never hurt him. It's a tender moment, what with the smell of puke wafting through the air and all. Daisy, meanwhile, pumps Charles for what he said to Bret. Charles tells Daisy to talk to him. However! It doesn't look like she will have a chance to do so, since Big John comes and grabs Heather. It's time for Heather to give Bret all the dirt, and co-sign on someone's elimination. First, they discuss Jessica. Heather says she's very, very young. Bret agrees and says she's not only young in age, but she's a young soul. He acknowledges that she may just be too young for him. I guess last season was sort of one to grow on for Bret. Then there's Megan of Beauty and the Geek fame. Heather thinks she's an opportunist. Her ex also told Bret that she might be using this whole thing as a steppingstone. To humiliation and obscurity? Well done, young Meg! Bret also tells Heather that, when she's talking to him, Megan's facial expression never changes whether she's saying, "I'll kill you," or "I love you." How would he know, he's only ever looking at her tits? He's like, "Those two red eyes never change their expression, though they might sway from side to side on occasion." And speaking of Megan, she and Josh are catching up a bit. She quite correctly ascertains that he only came on the show to promote his bar, SWIG Chicago. She tells him that millions of people on VH1 are going to see his shirt, and he should be thanking her. He asks her what she'd expect a businessman to do in that situation. And then, a funny thing happens. Her face gets all squinched up and kind of glistens. She interviews that she's very upset, because she still cares about Josh. Megan's secret is that she has terrible taste in men. Well, given the circumstances, I guess that's not actually a secret, is it? Ambre, who is shocked at seeing Megan crying, takes her into the kitchen for a little chat. Megan tells Ambre that Josh is there to promote his bar and doesn't care about her, and that she wanted him to be her boyfriend two years ago. And he didn't want to. Sniff. He refused. Ambre has ascertained through this conversation that Megan still has feelings for Josh, and she is certain that Bret needs to know about this. Megan sure picked the wrong time to finally show an emotion. And speaking of Ambre, it's now time for Bret and Heather to talk about her. Heather says that she likes Ambre -- she's Heather's age, she's sweet, she's cool. However, Heather doesn't think their lifestyles mesh well together. To wit, Ambre would likely be uncomfortable on a tour bus with dicksuckers all over the place. Well she's made it three weeks in this house, hasn't she? I think she'd be OK. Then there's Destiney. Heather thinks that she just wants to date a rock star. Bret agrees that Destiney loves rock n' roll, and would like anyone in a band. And then there's Daisy. Heather drops the still-cohabitating-with-the-ex-boyfriend bomb. Daisy has never told Bret this, obviously. Heather says with pinpoint clarity: "I'm like, she's the worst one here for you, period." Holy hell, yes. Bret decides to have couples therapy with Charles and Daisy to find out if they're still emotionally connected. He asks wassagoinon. Daisy doesn't know if Bret can understand or accept that she still lives with Charles. She tells him that they had a long relationship and are now best friends. But they've had no physical relationship for a long time. Charles just kind of nods and wonders if his face-framing layers need a fresh razor taken to them. Bret tells Charles that he is very attracted to Daisy, and that she could possibly be his rock of love. Bret wants to know if Charles would be cool with him keeping Daisy there. Charles says that he is. Bret's not sure if he believes it, but he wants to believe it, and getting past your resistance to delusion is half the battle. Have I mentioned that Charles is still wearing his top hat? Maybe he had it surgically attached. By the looks of him, I wouldn't be surprised. Meanwhile, Jessica is sobering up and has no idea what she has done, said, or puked. However, she's determined to make it to elimination, even if there are chunks in her hair. Bret thanks the exes and sends them on their way. He thinks that they gave him a lot of insight on the girls, and that's what he was looking for. As he retires to his room to do some thinking, Ambre asks for a moment of his time. He grants it, and Ambre tells him that, though she's never heard Megan cry over him, she was bawling over her ex-boyfriend. Bret thanks Ambre for this tidbit and smooches her a bit. Then he tells us that this info really kicked him in the nards. He asks Big John to bring Megan to him, and of course she runs in and starts mauling him. As he looks at her chest, Bret asks Megan if she still has strong feelings for Josh. Megan denies it and says that Ambre got her confused with somebody else. It doesn't seem like Bret really believes Megan, but he likes it well enough when she straddles him. This could go either way. Eliminations! Destiney doesn't think that drunk Jessica can handle Bret's rock n' roll lifestyle. Daisy laid her whole world out on the line and hopes that Bret loves her as much as she loves him. I think she's hyperventilating. If someone could get her a paper bag, and if she could just plop that paper bag on like a really big hat when she's done breathing into it, that would be great. And then, Jessica has a message: "Fuck the haters, man. I fuckin' rallied tonight. Yeah, I don't remember it, but I was there, and that's all that really counts." I love Jessica. Ambre notes that she isn't a stripper, didn't throw up, and doesn't live with her ex-boyfriend, and so is feeling pretty confident. Bret enters with Heather, who is sporting a zebra print dress the likes of which we have sadly not seen this season. She stands by Big John. Bret calls Ambre first, given that she is pretty much the only normal one there. Good times. Next is Destiney. Bret really likes her boobs. She will stay and continue to rock his world. Next is Daisy. Quelle surprise! Daisy is relieved that Bret understands her. Her bottom eyelids are swelled up so much that she is squinting even more than usual. It's like she has labia eyes to go with Charles' vagina chin. They complete one another. Bret tells her that he wants no more bullshit. He interviews that Daisy's past is sketchy, but he thinks there's a good soul there, and he doesn't want to let her go. Destiney is not feeling it. Daisy interviews that there are some other things that she wants to tell Bret, to make sure he's okay with them. Liiiiike...she used to be a man? I mean, a small man, but still. Angelique and Aubrey were just decoys! Seriously, though, weird. Daisy hopes she gets a chance to do that immediately. I hope so too! With one pass left, it's down to Megan and Jessica. Jessica really doesn't want to go home, especially under these circumstances. Megan is in shock, and says she'll be devastated if she's going home. She notes that Jessica has barely wiped the puke off her face, and she can still smell it. She thinks Jessica is going home. I think that Bret is going to flip over the pass, and it will say "HEATHER." Alas, Bret thinks that Jessica is there for the right reasons, and so she gets a pass. She agrees to stay and rock Bret's world, and to try not to throw up on Bret. She's happy to have shown him another side of herself. Bret calls Megan to him to give her ye olde goodbye speech. He tells her it's not going to work for them, and that Megan's tour ends here. She just shakes her head slowly. For, like, hours. Destiney thinks that Megan no comprende. More head shaking, and a tear. Bret finally walks her out. Megan interviews that she thought that the two of them were falling in love. She had feelings for Bret and is upset that he didn't see that. He tries to kiss her, and she refuses. Which, good for her. Bret says that he just didn't buy that she was there for him. With dumb-ass Megan out, Bret tells the remaining girls that they're about to take it up a level. They're going to pack up and head to Vegas, where they'll party like rock stars. And they're taking with them special guest Heather! Yay! Heather is helping Bret to get information on the girls, and Bret's hoping that this will continue in Vegas. Destiney is excited that Heather is coming with them to Vegas. Daisy, however, is not so sure. Nor should she be, as the previews for next week show a lot of the girls throwing their drink glasses at Daisy's head, under Heather's watchful eye. Yay!
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2022.01.23 22:22 Somepaintguy The most hyped up pre-war speech in New World - followed by a meme

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2022.01.23 22:22 Blorkershnell Need boost for stuffed manicotti

I have been making variations on stuffed manicotti for a while. My current go to is 1lb ricotta, 1 cup Swiss, 1/4 cup Parmesan, 1 egg, 10oz wilted spinach with fresh ground nutmeg to taste. Sauce 2 pounds tomatoes with skins, oz portabella mushroom, 1 small yellow onion, fresh basil to taste all simmered/blended with immersion blender. Stuff pasta, smother in sauce, cover and bake on 350* for 40 min. But the flavor is lacking a kick. I think it needs a citrus boost? Possibly spicy but I don’t like red pepper flakes.
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2022.01.23 22:22 fuzzytoefungus Always wanted one as a kid and finally got one today at 30 years old.

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2022.01.23 22:22 PhazePhantom Why hasn't my melon grown? its been over 30min...

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2022.01.23 22:22 jeffsworkreddit ITAP Haunted Mansion Organ in IR

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2022.01.23 22:22 IStillLoveUO Can't equip boots or gloves (Bionic arms/legs)

So I just got to the stage of bionics and set up my crafter with a full set.
Shortly after I went to defend the base and noticed the crafter could not wear marine gloves/boots due to lack of parts.

Can't add hands or feet, so is there a fix for this? Only bionic mod I am using is EPOE
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2022.01.23 22:22 ToppOppBallaaa 🐐🔥Multiple Ebony / Lightskin / Latina OnlyFans Groups For Only $10 🔥📲

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2022.01.23 22:22 sicsadwrld CSE 3

Is there a CSE 3 discord? Or does anybody know if lecture I recorded and posted to google drive? if so can someone send me the link? it would be very appreciated thanks. :)
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2022.01.23 22:22 nosoydes99 The battle cats comic [fan-made] chapter 31: eyes

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2022.01.23 22:22 tattedunicorn83 This month makes it 2 ½ years since I started my journey and I'm proud of the woman I've blossomed into

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2022.01.23 22:22 johnlabroli New shells for my biggest hermit!!!! Last pic is of the shells!! Total steal!!! He’s hard to find shells for since he’s a big chonk!!!!

New shells for my biggest hermit!!!! Last pic is of the shells!! Total steal!!! He’s hard to find shells for since he’s a big chonk!!!! submitted by johnlabroli to hermitcrabs [link] [comments]

2022.01.23 22:22 glassesglasses69420 glasses poll - which ones should i get?

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2022.01.23 22:22 oyasumigoongoon Anything special about these?

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