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I know it's been said before, but if this ends up being true this time...

2022.01.23 20:44 FuriouSherman I know it's been said before, but if this ends up being true this time...

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2022.01.23 20:44 bizziebangers I REMIXED Don Toliver - No Idea

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2022.01.23 20:44 FruitloopWizard Genesect raid starting in 2-3 mins so BE ONLINE, add me 0582 8573 7113; bringing 5-6

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2022.01.23 20:44 linkenski I hated the endings, BUT...

I am so tired of seeing people think that they've figured out BioWare's attempt to "indoctrinate" or "trick" them, giving so much credit to something I don't think the writer of the ending was even remotely intending to do.
It is true, there is a reversal at the end of the game, regarding Control and Destroy, but way too many people do not concede what the ending is most likely getting at, and on one hand I don't blame you, because it's a testament to how out of place the ending's message is, but on the other hand, you're giving the writers way too much credit for the implications they did not even intend to give you.
Truth-claim: Destroy IS the renegade choice. Argument: ...In the CONTEXT of the Reapers being recharacterized as a "Necessary evil" at the last minute of the plot. Corroborated... perhaps? By Leviathan DLC.
And here's the lazy bit where I copy-paste a counter-argument I made in another topic.
Copypasta: Regarding Destroy being suddenly red, and Control suddenly blue like Renegade and Paragon -- People are so convinced it's an intentional "trick". That's not what I see. I see that the writers believe their own bullshit about "Organics and Synthetics" and when you concede that point Control is more responsible as a choice than Destroy is.
See, at the ending it's now no longer about the Reapers being bad and evil. It's about the Reapers doing the only thing that actually made it possible for Shepard to even exist: They stopped all organic life from going extinct eons ago when synthetic life ran rampant and the Reapers enforced a solution that would make it possible for organic life to keep resetting but only until it's 50.000 years old and has to be "preserved". If they hadn't done this then according to them we would've died those eons ago, and Shepard's cycle wouldn't even have started.
What you're choosing with Destroy is to wipe out the only standing solution that preserves life, from a holistic standpoint, from being fully eradicated by only half-eradicating it, because you want to survive right here and now and don't care that the last time organic life ran unchecked past 50.000 years they started developing Synthetics that grew, grew and grew until it was so far beyond organic life that it wiped it out. By choosing Destroy you're surviving for the next couple of thousands of years, but risking complete genocide across the next eon of time, and once that happens you can never recover.
That's the point the ending is trying to make by making Destroy the red option, whereas Control, you're simply retaining the status quo. You don't know a better solution than the Harvest but you're willing to sacrifice your own life to preserve the Reapers who made your existence possible, and keeping them from harvesting people until your hand is forced to do something in another 100.000 years, a million years or maybe another eon, when Synthetics will apparently threaten all organic life for good.
The endings are about taking responsibility beyond your own mortality. It's no different from denying climate change because you don't care what happens to your grandchildren.
I personally disagree about the "Synthetics will destroy organics" notion, because I think as a story that is not apparent in any way after the progression we saw as Shepard... but I'm willing to give it that I see what they were trying to do by coloringi Destroy red and Control blue. It is not a "trick". It's a literal reversal of what they actually mean, now that the Reapers are recontextualized as a necessary evil, instead of pure evil.

TL;DR: Knead your eyes, blink: You're not just seeing this: Destroy is the Renegade choice; Control is the more paragon than the other choice at the end of the game, because the narrative just reversed the meaning of the Reapers from being evil war-machines that want to kill all life into being the only reason you even existed, because from a birds-eye-perspective of the galaxy when time is sped up a thousandfold, the narrative says that the patterns are there: Synthetics ARE gonna destroy organics, and the Reapers were the ONLY instrument left to prevent that from fully happening, within the next billions of years. By destroying the Reapers without an alternative in place, Shepard may have doomed all life to go extinct in another billion years, whereas Control has at least some precaution if something bad happens in another billion years. If the bespoke conflict is genuine, then Synthesis would've been a third option to ensure it can never even happen. Not a trick! Just a reversal.
PS: I Know that TL;DR was very long, don't read.
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2022.01.23 20:44 Aidengibb1 Any ps5 fantasy drafts tonight?

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2022.01.23 20:44 clanon A flu virus risk worth taking /By Anthony S. Fauci, , Gary J. Nabel and Francis S. Collins December 30, 2011)

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2022.01.23 20:44 Klaatu347EST This is just my humble opinion 🤷‍♂️

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2022.01.23 20:44 Kokichi_gord Is my college applications supposed to be about me or about how I've impacted the world?

Im a sophomore right now and I'm trying to figure out what I should be doing to convey a specific message. But I don't know what that message should be. Am I supposed to be making an impact on the world and having that on my applications or are the applications supposed to be about me and who I am. Ig I'm just asking what should the applications be about.
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2022.01.23 20:44 sunshine_and_waves Quitting

How do I go about quitting as a tech?
I don't really have a problem with the people that I work with for the most part (there's always those select few) but I really just hate retail. I don't like dealing with the people all day as they're exhausting and I feel like I'm constantly apologizing for things that aren't my fault/ I have no control over, or feel like I'm getting yelled at all day. I was going to have to quit in several months anyways as Im leaving for school, but I got another job I think I'm going to like more.
Do I tell the store manager and then the pharmacy manager? Not sure how I talk to the pharmacists as they never have a chance to step away.
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2022.01.23 20:44 allofthisallthetime Looking for a Mediterranean Cypress to photograph

Hey folks
Just wondering if anyone has seen any Mediterranean Cypress around the place in Newcastle? Hoping to photograph one for an assignment... Cheers!
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2022.01.23 20:44 Faction_Chief @USATODAY: Tom Brady is out: Los Angeles Rams answer wild rally, end Tampa Bay Buccaneers' Super Bowl repeat bid https://t.co/Jmj8L9KZDt

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2022.01.23 20:44 StrictBuilder Darcey should have stopped in the first picture.

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2022.01.23 20:44 Willing-Clock-8884 HUR MYCKET TJÄNAR JAG PÅ ONLYFANS? // SVARAR PÅ ERA FRÅGOR

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2022.01.23 20:44 AbnormalQuality Wish I didn’t have to wear shoes or socks when I don’t have too

(Like extreme weather for example)
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2022.01.23 20:44 IZ_mc QuinTech SMP [Semi-Vanilla] {Highly Technical} {SMP} {16yrs+} {1.18.1} {Shared Resources} {Whitelist} {CarpetMod}

QuinTech is a technical server with about 7 current active players(we have been growing alot recently), the server started about 11 months ago, but had a downtime of about 4 months. Now we are coming back and with the new update we want new people for new inspiration!
We want to take Minecraft to the limits but without using too OP stuff like light supression. The projects are all going to be very big scale and you need to be motivated for a lot of grinding for farms, contraptions and builds.
To join the server you need to...:

Wanna join? Check out our discord!: https://discord.gg/USrSCQ6D6h
Some notable carpet rules:
What we have done:
Current projects:
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2022.01.23 20:44 Prints-Of-Darkness GM advice for Night of the Grey Death (no spoilers in post but potential spoilers in comments)

I'm hoping to run Night of the Grey Death for my group soon, but I couldn't find much about it online besides a few small reviews here and there. I know some adventures need a bit of tweaking or foresight on the GM's behalf to make sure the game runs smoothly. For example, I know many people say to tweak some of the encounters in Fall of Plaguestone.
For those who've ran or played (or even read in detail) NotGD, is there anything you'd recommend keeping in mind? Or changes that you'd recommend? I don't mind editing stat blocks or improvising, but I'd like a heads-up on any major issues that can crop up so I can avoid them.
I'd also appreciate knowing people's general thoughts on the adventure too, even without advice attached.
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2022.01.23 20:44 handfulofsounds FS - Nick Madrigal Chrome Update Gold Refractor Rookie Debut Auto /50 $135 + BM

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2022.01.23 20:44 Variety-Party I locked the bathroom door

And it felt like my little piece of freedom. I wanted to shower alone. My 17 month old is in the living room with his dad. 9/10 times halfway through shower, they both come in and bug me. Nope, not today!
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2022.01.23 20:44 Kutsuki That’s a good price!

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2022.01.23 20:44 MisterLowLow High Stake Card Game

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2022.01.23 20:44 Ballsy_Biscuit Ideal keyboard layout?

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2022.01.23 20:44 melissameagan1992 Vascular occlusion?!

Super embarrassing but I got lip filler yesterday and I have slight bruising/ discolouration. No pain, slight swelling still though. I am scared if vascular occlusion!!! Female, 29 years, 5’6
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2022.01.23 20:44 ghost_pies When you have two cats, but stupidly only bring home one new cat bed… a photographic story.

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2022.01.23 20:44 de-majik-man Pain ( from my first play through of the game)

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2022.01.23 20:44 l339 I’m looking for a girl named Megan, originally from California

I found her ID yesterday outside of Huskies and would like to return it to her. If you know her, please send me a message
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